Salmon Skin, Safe For Dogs

I just fed my dog with Salmon Skin. I must admit that I did so without really researching if salmon skin is safe for dogs. Of course, I did some research after that, and these are some of the key takeaways that I found out. Salmon Skin, Safe For Dogs? Actually, what I found out […]

I do ride a motorcycle. I enjoy riding against the wind and going for long rides. It can be pretty therapeutic. On a recent journey, I came across a fellow rider who was riding a motorcycle with a dog. I have always wanted to do something similar, but I have no idea how I could […]

Dog Muzzle For Boxer

If you own a Boxer, you must know the pain of them getting death stares when you bring them out for walks. This have happened to me on many occasions. Sometimes, I really think it isn’t justified. Most Boxers are actually very tame. They make good house pets. It is just that their appearance gives […]

Dog Diapers

I recall an incident a couple of years ago. My Boxer’s dog bed had blood stains on them. I tried to figure out the source for the blood, and eventually I came to realize that she is in Heat. Being In Heat simply means that the female dog’s vulva will swell. She will have a blood […]

Oh god. Finally. I have finally purchased the exact thing that have been missing in my entire life. A Nail Grinder For Boxer. Yes you read that right! A Nail Grinder For Boxer! Some of you may ask, why specifically a Nail Grinder For Boxer? Why not use Nail Clippers? If you understand my plight, then […]

Retractable Dog Leash

Seriously, it can be a chore using normal leashes on my Boxer. She likes to roam around, and I certainly do not like to confine her to a small area. My boxer isn’t threatening to others, so it is still perfectly alright to walk her on a leash. Recently, I explored the possibility of using […]

Heated Dog House For Boxer

When it is nearing Winter, we would often get worried about keeping our Boxer cool. I mean, look at its large surface area! It is honestly not easy to keep a Boxer warm using traditional methods. We cannot simply keep the fireplace on during Winter. The electricity bill will be too high if we keep […]

Harness for Boxers

  It is sometimes not easy for me to restraint my Boxer when I bring her out for walks. I mean, she is so huge and powerful! I tried to pull on a collar for her, but sometimes it is just not enough. I went to research a little, and I found that it is […]

Exercising With Dog

Exercising With Your Dog Many owners take it for granted that dog wouldn’t need much maintenance after you get them as a pet. This is actually a very bad mindset to have. It is important that we exercise our dogs regularly, no matter what breed the dog is. In an article that I have written, […]

Dog Bed Boxer

In an earlier article, we have mentioned about some of the best dog beds for boxers. We have listed some of the major criteria when we choose the best dog beds for boxers, and the spaciousness of it is one of the most important criteria. This is especially true since we are choosing a dog […]