It is sometimes not easy for me to restraint my Boxer when I bring her out for walks. I mean, she is so huge and powerful! I tried to pull on a collar for her, but sometimes it is just not enough. I went to research a little, and I found that it is actually […]

Exercising With Your Dog Many owners take it for granted that dog wouldn’t need much maintenance after you get them as a pet. This is actually a very bad mindset to have. It is important that we exercise our dogs regularly, no matter what breed the dog is. In an article that I have written, […]

Cooling Dog Bed For Boxers

In an earlier article, we have mentioned about some of the best dog beds for boxers. We have listed some of the major criteria when we choose the best dog beds for boxers, and the spaciousness of it is one of the most important criteria. This is especially true since we are choosing a dog […]

Boxer Dog Crate

Dog Crates are essential for all dogs. Dog crates are essentially not to imprison the dog. Rather, dog crates are meant to housebreak the dog. The dog crates too act like a safe haven for your dog, especially when there is no one at home. A proper dog crate can ease or calm the dog […]

Best boxer dog bed

Dog beds come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Picking one that is suitable for a Boxer is rather tricky affair especially when manufacturers or online stores don’t classify which type of bed is best for which particular dog breed. My boxer has went though a number of beds so I thought sharing my […]


Boxers are known to be medium in size comparatively to other dogs. Although they look menacing, they are in fact calm and cheerful. Many people mistake their fearless and brave outlook to be aggressive. Boxers are probably one of the most misunderstood dog in the world! Boxers are ranked 7th in America’s top dog breeds. […]


  Barking Chihuahua Recently, for no obvious reasons, my neighbor’s Chihuahua have been barking non-stop. It is crazy! Sometimes, when I get home, I just wish to relax in my couch with a good glass of wine. However, my neighbors decided to get a Chihuahua for a pet, and she (I’m assuming the Chihuahua’s a […]

Have you ever wondered why do your dogs run away from you even after extensive training? Aren’t training sessions conducted to ensure that your dog doesn’t run away? Training dogs have in fact 1 very subtle function. As you are training your dog, you are also at the same time building up your relationship with […]


Are you an active person who is constantly looking for a companion to accompany you on your hiking trips? Or are you looking for someone to motivate you to work harder, like what exercise buddies do? Look no further than man’s best friend, which is a dog! Dogs make the best activity partner while outdoors. It […]


Does your dog whine and bark all the time whenever you leave your house? Or do you come back home, only to see your furniture being scratched or your letters being shredded into pieces? These are telltale signs that your dog is suffering from Separation Anxiety. Separation Anxiety is in fact the most common problem amongst dogs who […]