Finally, A Nail Grinder For Boxer!

Oh god. Finally. I have finally purchased the exact thing that have been missing in my entire life. A Nail Grinder For Boxer. Yes you read that right! A Nail Grinder For Boxer! Some of you may ask, why specifically a Nail Grinder For Boxer? Why not use Nail Clippers? If you understand my plight, then you might appreciate why I love the Nail Grinder For Boxer so much.

Nail Grinder For Boxer

I have been trying to find ways to trim my Boxer’s nails. I was quite perplexed, because I am having trouble with trimming it. She will simply run all around the house whenever I take the Nail Clippers out. I figured it must have to do with the Professional Dog Groomer. Some time ago, I decided to bring my Boxer to the Professional Dog Groomer for some grooming. I noticed that my dog startle for awhile when her nail was being cut by the groomer. I think the groomer has cut into my dog’s Quick. Just so you know, the Quick is the soft cuticle in the middle of the dog’s nails. The Quick contains blood vessels and nerves. If your dog’s Quick is accidentally cut, it will cause pain to them. I think that’s what my dog felt.

This should be the reason why she is so against me cutting her nail with the same tool. I went to visit various forums, and I stumbled onto an awesome product known as the Nail Grinder. The Nail Grinder For Boxer is one of the best and innovative product that is ever designed by anybody! We have bought the Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool, and I think I ought to dedicate a blog post for it.

Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool

 Nail Grinder For Boxer

This Nail Grinder For Boxer by Dremal is simply a godsend to me. My Boxer actually fell asleep while I was grinding her nails. She actually allowed me to slowly and carefully grind her nail away. No cuts, no pain, no nothing at all!

The rotating bit produces close to little noise, and I am visibly surprised by this. My initial impression was that the motor will generate so much noise, that it might scare my Boxer away. But it did nothing close to that. The motor, although running at a fast RPM, produces nothing more than a soft whirl. My Boxer actually fell asleep to that soft buzz!

The rotating bit is made of Diamond, which really allows me to trim my Boxer’s nails effectively. It comes with 2 different speeds too. I used the slower speed when I first use the Nail Grinder For Boxer on my dog. Once she is used to the system, I increased the speed for a faster trimming process. It works beautifully! The handle is also so easy for me to grip, such that when I was trimming my Boxer’s nails, I didn’t feel tired at all.

This amazing Nail Grinder For Boxer is a must buy for all Boxer Owners! Purchase this at Amazon!