Riding A Motorcycle With My Dog

I do ride a motorcycle. I enjoy riding against the wind and going for long rides. It can be pretty therapeutic. On a recent journey, I came across a fellow rider who was riding a motorcycle with a dog. I have always wanted to do something similar, but I have no idea how I could do it. I then decided to come home and Googled more on Riding A Motorcycle With My Dog

Riding A Motorcycle With My Dog

Motorcycle Dog Carrier. Riding A Motorcycle With My DogTo be honest, I have never thought that this would be possible. I am truly grateful to the fellow rider who opened up this world to me. Like mentioned earlier, I came home and Googled about it. I found out that the fellow rider was using a Motorcycle Dog Carrier. Apparently, there are quite a number of it in existence already.

I came across a few websites, and this particular one that a very good write up about the motorcycle dog carrier.

In the article, it did mention that the Motorcycle Dog Carrier is a must-purchase if you intend to bring your dog along for a ride. I followed its recommendation and bought the Motorcycle Dog Carrier that they recommended.

Once I installed the Motorcycle Dog Carrier, I brought my dog out for a ride. My word, she is so happy about it. I rode at a slower pace to make sure she can get used to the wind blowing into her face.

There are a few safety rules that I followed.

Safety Measures When Using A Motorcycle Dog Carrier

  • Noise: Do ensure that your dog can handle the noise. The dog will be exposed to the elements, and they are totally new to being exposed to such noises too. They might just be scared by the sound of the engine. A general guideline is to change the exhaust system to another one that produces much lesser noise.
  • Eye Protection: You might want to consider purchasing an eyewear protection for your dog too. We humans have visors to protect our eyes from the onrushing wind, but the dog do not have such items to help them. You will want to purchase a pair of safety goggles for your dog to protect their eyes.
  • Legal: There are some states whereby dogs are not allowed to ride alongside with them. Do check properly, as you wouldn’t want to violate the law at all.
  • Helmet: Last but not least, it will be good if you can buy a helmet for your dog too!