I Just Fed My Dog With Salmon Skin

Salmon Skin, Safe For Dogs

I just fed my dog with Salmon Skin. I must admit that I did so without really researching if salmon skin is safe for dogs. Of course, I did some research after that, and these are some of the key takeaways that I found out.

Salmon Skin, Safe For Dogs?

Salmon Skin, Safe For DogsActually, what I found out is that Salmon itself does contain a huge amount of fats. But unlike what most people would think, these fats are actually good for the dog. The fats is mainly the omega-3 fatty acids. My research tells me that the omega-3 fatty acids is good for dogs as it helps to keep your dog’s skin healthy. This is important if your dog is suffering from allergic problems too. Some of the vets claim that the omega-3 fatty acids helps to prevent allergic problems.

Another positive factor about Salmon itself is that it is a fish, hence it is a source of protein. Not only that, it is indeed a good source of proteins. This helps to provide certain minerals to the dogs. Minerals like zinc and magnesium is high in abundance in the Salmon, hence it will benefit the dog too. Not only that, the Salmon is indeed a rich resource of Vitamin A, B and D. A quick search on Google tells us that Vitamin A is essential for a good and adequate metabolism. Vitamin D is more towards regulating levels of calcium and phosphorous in your dog’s body.

Since salmon is safe for dogs, then salmon skin should be equally safe, right? That is what I thought too. But it was pretty much confirmed after I did some quick research too. Salmon skin contains a good level of Omega-3 fatty acids. This is actually the main reason why owners give their dogs salmon skin to eat.!

So, I did a good thing by letting my dog consume salmon skin!