Reusable Dog Diapers For Boxers

Dog Diapers

I recall an incident a couple of years ago. My Boxer’s dog bed had blood stains on them. I tried to figure out the source for the blood, and eventually I came to realize that she is in Heat. Being In Heat simply means that the female dog’s vulva will swell. She will have a blood discharge as well. This is our main concern. Her discharge can occur any where. I have clean red spots on my sofa, my bed, and also on the floor. It took me awhile before I decided to google for Dog Diapers For Boxers. There are two types of Dog Diapers For Boxers. One of them is the disposable dog diapers, and the other is the reusable dog diapers. I have purchased the latter for my boxer!

Reusable Dog Diapers For Boxers

Washable Dog Diapers Durable Premium Doggie WrapReusable Dog Diapers For Females In Heat

I have bought this pair of Washable Dog Diapers From Doggie Wraps from Amazon simply because of the material. It has 2 sizes, and obviously I chose the larger one for my Boxer. The material is proven to be extremely comfortable for my dog. Whenever she has the Heat, she will allow me to don this  Reusable Dog Diaper on her.

If you take a look at the picture, you will see that the fabric has mesh on them! Just so you know, this is the only Reusable Dog Diapers that has mesh. And this is the primary reason why I have chosen this. The Sandwich Mesh Fabric is developed fro PVC fabric. Removing all the jargon, it simply equate to Comfortable.

But what is comfort without the functionality? Luckily, this Reusable Dog Diapers is both comfortable and functional. There is a sewn-in pad that helps to contain the discharge from your Boxer. it is proven to be able to contain quite an amount of discharge from my Boxer. I have read that it is also suitable for dogs with problems such as urinary incontinence and excitable urination. Not exactly a problem for my dog though.

If you are worried about your Boxer taking out the diapers herself, your worries are allayed. This  Reusable Dog Diapers For Boxers have Velcros on the sides. It helps to secure the Reusable Dog Diapers to your Boxer!

Seriously, this should be the only Reusable Dog Diapers that you should buy for your Boxer. Get it from Amazon now!