Control Your Dog Using Wireless Dog Fence

Wireless Dog Fence

Do you live around a place whereby the surrounding scenery is beautiful, and you envisioned running around the area with your dog without a leash? You know those picture perfect moment where your dog run alongside with you amongst the tall and lush vegetation? Or do you wish to play fetch with your dog, just like in the movies, without fearing the dog will run away from you?

Many owners can’t envision that as they are fearful of their dogs running away from them should they remove the leash from the dog when in the open. This is in fact a very valid concern, as an American study had shown that a family pet is lost every two seconds. Homeless pets can be emotionally troubling for both the owner and the pet.

To avoid your dog being part of this statistic, you could put the leash on your dog and simply choose not to play fetch with them in the open. Or you can also choose to play in the confines of your house, with the doors locked. One common solution is to barricade your house with fences so as to keep the dog out from the environment. However, that might not be a good solution as the entire fence is very costly, and they can be unsightly too.

There is actually a better solution that is gaining popularity amongst owners who really want to play with their dog in the open without fearing that they will run off from you. It can effectively remove that fear altogether, but of course this requires proper training on your part for the dog. This technological advanced, yet simple, solution it the Wireless Dog Fence.

What Is This Wireless Dog Fence?

A Wireless Dog Fence, like what the name suggest, is essentially an invisible fence that helps to prevent the dogs from running away from a user defined safe zone. It is invisible because there isn’t a physical fence at all, hence the natural state of the surrounding landscape is preserved! Most of the time, the area of the safe zone can be adjusted based on your preference.

How Does It Work?

Invisible Wireless Dog FenceEssentially, there will be a transmitter that transmit radio waves out in a circular manner. These radio waves creates an invisible dome shaped containment/safe zone of varying radius depending on the model of your Invisible Wireless Dog Fence. Some Wireless Dog Fence allows multiple transmitters, which means you could have a larger containment/safe zone, so long as the individual zones are overlapping one another.

The dome shaped containment/safe zone works in conjunction with a receiver dog collar that comes with the Invisible Wireless Dog Fence package. When the dog, who must be wearing the receiver dog collar, approaches the end of the containment/safe zone, the receiver dog collar will emit either a tone or a very small static charge termed as a static correction to the dog. The small static correction is harmless to dogs, but good enough to discourage them from breaching the boundary zone.

You can set the correction levels in the receiver dog collar itself. All receiver dog collars have at least 5 different levels of static correction, and you should adjust it based on your dog temperament.

The whole system usually takes about a maximum of 2 hours to set up, which is a breeze as compared to conventional fences.

Some Invisible Wireless Dog Fences are portable, which means you can create safe zone whenever you venture outdoors with your dog. The more popular brands are usually PetSafe or from Havahart. Some of the models in the market does allow you to include more than 2 dogs into the whole Wireless Dog Fence system, so do check carefully before you purchase the system.