Dog Crate For Boxers

Dog Crates are essential for all dogs. Dog crates are essentially not to imprison the dog. Rather, dog crates are meant to housebreak the dog. The dog crates too act like a safe haven for your dog, especially when there is no one at home. A proper dog crate can ease or calm the dog down should they suffer from separation anxiety. Also, a dog crate can be use to potty train your dog! In the case of a Boxer, it is often said that Boxers are not meant to be caged, and hence they don’t need a dog crate. That statement is essentially wrong. Having a Dog Crate For Boxers is actually important in training your Boxer’s temperament, so that they will be obedient towards you.

In this article, I will be recommending some of the better Dog Crate For Boxers. I believe what is good for my boxer will be good for yours too.

Dog Crate For Boxers

As boxers are generally quite big in size, I will recommend buying a Dog Crate For Boxers that measures at least 42 inches in length. I have used a few of the following crates before for my various large dogs, and I thought I could share more with you! However, before you purchase a dog crate for your boxer, these are some things that you should look out for.

How To Choose The Best Dog Crate For Boxers

There are some guidelines for you to consider before you purchase a dog crate for your boxer. Every dog have its own temperament, and hence the size of the dog crate is instrumental in helping the dog to control its temperament. In addition to that, the size of the dog crate is important as too large a crate will result in your dog feeling insecure. Similarly, a smaller dog crate will ensure that your dog have little space to move around. Here are the guidelines to the measurements of the dog crate that you should be getting for your Boxer.

  • Length: Measure the length of your boxer from its nose to the tail. Since boxers are rather big, add about 4 inches to the measured length. That will be the optimal length of the dog care that you should be getting.
  • Height: As for the height of the dog crate, measure the height from the top of your Boxer’s head to the ground when it is sitting down. Add 4 inches, and that will be the optimal height of the dog crate that you need.

With this in mind, let us take a look at some of the best dog crate for Boxers.

Midwest iCrate Double Door Crate with Divider for Pets, 42-Inch

Dog Crate For Boxers

This is simply the best Dog Crate For Boxers. This Midwest iCrate Dog Crate measures 42L x 28W x 31H, making it absolutely perfect for your adult boxer. This Dog Crate For Boxers is the top seller on Amazon. It has a double door, one at the front and one at the side of the dog crate. It comes with a divider panel, so if you own a boxer puppy, you can purchase this Dog Crate for them. You will then use the divider to make the dog crate appear smaller to them for housebreaking purposes.

This Dog Crate for Boxers can be folded and carried around. The corners are rounded to prevent your Boxer from injuring herself. Also, for added security and protection, the Dog Crate is safe and secure with the slide-bolt latches.

Click here to purchase the Midwest iCrate Dog Crate.

OxGord 42″ XXL Dog Crate, Double-Doors Folding Metal w/ Divider & Tray


This is an alternative dog crate for Boxers that you can consider. Basically, it functions exactly the same as the Midwest iCrate Dog Crate. The OxGord 42″ Dog Crate too have double doors for better accessibility. Made from extremely durable materials, they are meant for long-lasting durability and security. The tray is made of durable ABS plastic, which is safe for dogs.

The edges of this dog crate for Boxers is also rounded, hence your boxer wouldn’t be injured while using this dog crate. A divider panel is also included should you want to purchase this for your Boxer pup. It is fold-able for easy storage.

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