Solution to Chihuahua Barking Non-Stop


Barking Chihuahua

Recently, for no obvious reasons, my neighbor’s Chihuahua have been barking non-stop. It is crazy! Sometimes, when I get home, I just wish to relax in my couch with a good glass of wine. However, my neighbors decided to get a Chihuahua for a pet, and she (I’m assuming the Chihuahua’s a female) has been barking relentlessly. And she really pack a huge, sharp bark for a small dog! It can really get on my nerves sometimes, and I do wonder if they are taking action against that.

Being the inquisitive neighbor, I decided to visit google to find more information pertaining to this, and perhaps I could find some help in managing a Chihuahua’s bark. I found an excellent website that gives me good information pertaining to this, and they have strongly recommended owners to purchase a bark collar. In fact, they have done a review on the best bark collar for Chihuahua, and I strongly urge all of you to read it!

This is what I have gathered from that website

What Are Bark Collars

chihuahua bark collarEssentially, bark collars are collars that helps to stop the dog from barking. There are various types of bark collars, and the website recommended either the ultra sonic dog collar of the shock dog collar. The ultrasonic dog collar detects when your dog bark, and it will emit a sound that is only audible to the dog. The sound will act as an irritant to the dog, and subsequently the dog should stop barking.

As for the shock dog collar, it will also detect your dog’s bark, and it will then emit a very short static charge to the dog’s neck region. This small charge is practically harmless to anyone, including dogs. It only helps to irritate the dog enough to make the barking stop.

There is a debate, saying that the shock collars might not be too humane for dogs. This is not true, as the charge is so small, that it does nothing but irritates the dog. It is perfectly fine, according to most vets!

If only my neighbor knows of such a bark collar, it might solve all of my problems! The website highly recommends the Shock Collar for Dogs by Boshel as the Best Bark Collar For Chihuahua.