Reasons Dog Run Away From You

Have you ever wondered why do your dogs run away from you even after extensive training? Aren’t training sessions conducted to ensure that your dog doesn’t run away? Training dogs have in fact 1 very subtle function. As you are training your dog, you are also at the same time building up your relationship with the dog. So if that is the case, why are the dogs still running away from you? In this article, we will be looking at some of the reasons dog run away from their owners.



When you leave dogs alone, some of them will experience separation anxiety, which itself can be a trigger for dogs to run away. When these dogs feel lonely, they will crave for love and attention. If there is nothing in the house that can grab their attention, they will simply choose to run away from the house. ┬áThis in fact one of the top reasons why dog run away from you. A majority of the dogs in America are lost when there isn’t anyone at home!

Solution: You can purchase interactive soft toys to keep them occupied while there isn’t anyone at home.

Sudden Noise

Some dogs are so timid, that they react very violently to sudden sounds. Some of them simply choose to run away when such sounds are present. In for example, when it comes to thunderstorms, my dog is usually so timid that she will run to me for refuge. I have yet to install a camera to monitor her movements when I am not at home, but her behavior should be consistent, as in she will try to seek refuge under my bed.

Solution: Switch on the radio or the television to distract the dog.


When we say loopholes, we meant that the privacy fence that you have might have holes that are not noticed by you, but have been discovered by the dog. Also, some dogs tend to run away when the main door is not closed. Some of fence are not properly secured, and dogs can dig beneath the fence to escape out!

Solution: Always ensure that you close the main door, unless your dog is properly trained not to escape. Also, it is always good to do periodic checks on your privacy fence.


Dogs are naturally curious in nature. Make an unfamiliar sound to your dog, and you can see her twitching her head to one side, trying to decipher the meaning of the unfamiliar sound. Dogs are genetically coded to be reactive in nature, hence they will usually take off after the random cat or mouse. This isn’t that bad a behavior as it too means that the dog will also chase the intruder away from your house.

Solution: Install a Wireless Dog Fence in your house to prevent the dog from running around from your house.


Not surprisingly, one of top reasons dog run away is that they are left in an unfamiliar place. Dogs are known to be territorial, and when they are placed in an area that doesn’t belong to them as they will feel uneasy.

Now that we have listed the top reasons why dogs run away from you even with training, you should start to recognize the triggers and find means and ways to prevent the dogs from running away. One the suggested methods is to mitigate the triggers, like switching on the television/radio to distract the dog, or to inspect your fence for holes. If not, you can purchase a Wireless Dog Fence to help you contain your dog in the containment area. Click here to read up more about Wireless Dog Fence.