Top 10 Active Dog Breeds

Are you an active person who is constantly looking for a companion to accompany you on your hiking trips? Or are you looking for someone to motivate you to work harder, like what exercise buddies do? Look no further than man’s best friend, which is a dog! Dogs make the best activity partner while outdoors. It is proven that dog owners do walk more than people who don’t own a dog. According to a study published in the Journal of Physical Activity & Health, dog owners average about four walks a week for 160 minutes of physical activity. Hence, it does show that by owning a dog, you will actually indirectly be fitter too. Of course, your dog’s breed matters too. You can’t except lazy dogs such as Shih Tzu to exercise with you everyday, as Shih Tzu are meant to be inactive. You will need an active dog to keep up to your energy level.

In the event that you wish to have an exercise buddy, it will be good for you to correctly identify an active dog. To assist you, we have scoured the Internet, talked to many experts and here is a compiled list of the Top 10 Active Dog Breeds.

Top 10 Active Dog Breeds

There are many dogs who actually qualify as an active dog. It took us quite sometime to narrow down our choices to the following 10 breeds.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Top 10 Active Dog Breeds

Bernese Mountain Dog is an active dog. The Bernese Mountain Dog is one of the 4 varieties of the Swiss Mountain Dog. It is large in size but high in energy level. It is the 30th most popular dog breed in America, and it is not so surprising considering its calm temperament. It is calm, good nature and strong. Because of their strong build, they like to exercise and they are well known to be excellent exercise buddies.

They are extreme versatile as working dogs, and are usually trained to herd cattle. Some of the Bernese Mountain Dog are trained for carting competitions too. If you live in the countryside with yards for a dog to run in, then Bernese Mountain Dogs will be excellent companion for you.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Top 10 Active Dog Breeds

Like the Bernese Mountain Dog, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is originally trained to herd cattle or other farm animals. Being an intelligent dog, it is easy to train the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. They have mostly released from their herding responsibilities, and they now make great pets for active families. They are especially friendly with children too. They are considered to be small dogs, but they pack a bark that can put most barkers to shame.

They are high in energy level, and most owners of Pembroke Welsh Corgi love to bring their dogs out for daily exercises, which is a must for this high energy level active dog!

Shetland Sheepdog

 Top 10 Active Dog Breeds

Shetland Sheepdog is also a herding dog, like the Bernese Mountain Dog and Pembroke Welsh Corgi. A small breed dog, the Shetland Sheepdog has energy levels that far surpasses some of the larger dog breeds. Being a proud dog, the Shetland Sheepdog loves to run, and it is swift and graceful in her strides, making it a joy to watch her run around the meadows.

Because of their heritage, they would require more exercise than most dogs. Trust me, most owners simply love to bring them for runs as their dogs get the attention from everyone else. The Shelties are also eager to please everyone, and its friendly demeanor makes it a favorite amongst many owners.


 Top 10 Active Dog Breeds

This breed came into prominence after the Disney show 101 Dalmatians. The Dalmatian have a very interesting heritage that last several hundred years. They were initially bred as a coach dog due to its sleek and athletic outlook. Over the years, they have been trained to be hunters, firehouse dog or even as a circus performer.

Dalmatians have a very high energy level, and they simply love to expend that energy with their owner. Their sleek outlook makes them standout in public.They are actually created to run for miles alongside carriages in the past, and hence it is really in their genes to have an endless supply of energy to expend. Being an active dog, it will be good to bring your Dalmatians out for regular exercises too.

Doberman Pinscher

 Top 10 Active Dog Breeds

Doberman Pinscher is another active dog with an seemingly unlimited amount of energy to expend. Originally bred as a guard dog. the Doberman Pinscher works bests as a police or military dog. They are also bred for canine sports, and their fierce loyalty makes them the perfect family guardian and companion for you.

Being high in energy level, they tend to be very restless at home should you choose to leave them at home most of the time. Do bring out the Doberman Pinscher out for hikes, and you will be well protected against other wild animals. It will be good to put them on a body harness, especially those with a handle as their fierce outlook may scare many people.

Jack Russell Terrier

 Top 10 Active Dog Breeds

Jack Russell Terriers are small dogs who are super active! Bring your dog out for runs, and you will be surprised at how much they could run as compared to larger dog breeds. Their seemingly boundless energy can sometimes tire even the most athletic owners. Their playfulness and high intelligence level makes it tough for most amateur owners to train them. Usually, they are only recommended for experienced dog owners.

The Jack Russell Terrier is the brainchild of Parson John Russell in the 18th century. This athletic  dog is quick, intelligent and has an immense desire to hunt. It really packs a superb energy level for a small dog breed.

Labrador Retriever

 Top 10 Active Dog Breeds

Labrador Retrievers is the number one dog in America for the 25th year running. A top favorite in America, this active dog is bred as retrievers for hunters as well as guide dogs for the handicapped. It is in fact suitable for a wide variety of jobs because of its friendly demeanor. Being an active dog, it makes an excellent companion for your regular treks as they are able to keep up to your energy level, and they do not pose as a danger to the public due to their friendly outlook.

They are in fact build for sports, and their muscles are developed to support their level of activeness.

Siberian Husky

 Top 10 Active Dog Breeds

Siberian Huskies is simply one of the best looking active dog breeds ever. This active dog is so beautiful, that most owners keep them as domesticated pets. However, by doing so, these owners are simply devoiding their dogs of expending their energy, and this can be detrimental towards the Siberian Husky’s physical and mental state.

The Siberian Husky’s blue or multi-colored eyes appeals to most owners. However, due to the dog’s high intelligence and energy level, this active dog breed is not suitable for first time owners for a dog. The athletic dog is so intelligent, that sometimes the Wireless Dog Fence might not work so well for them. Should you decide to use the Wireless Dog Fence, do ensure that you conduct proper training for them before trusting the whole system to constraint your dog to the containment area.

Border Collie

 Top 10 Active Dog Breeds

The Border Collie was designed to herd cattle in the hilly border country between Scotland and England. A very popular active dog in UK, the Border Collie has an unlimited energy level which is good for owners who have a similar pool of energy, hence making them excellent companions for active families. It is easy to train Border Collies, and their high intelligence makes them a top favorite for competitions around the world.


 Top 10 Active Dog Breeds

This medium sized dog has an energy level that is so high, some owners simply cannot keep up to them! This active dog is playful, friendly, intelligent and energetic. They are known to be fiercely loyal to their owners, and this makes them the best active dog to bring on your regular treks or hikes.

Don’t be fooled by their muscular frame, as they are more of playful than aggressive. Their boundless energy level are excellent for athletes who wishes to have a companion when they are out exercising.